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As a vocationally registered General Practitioner, a referral is not necessary to see Dr McMaster either in his General Practice, or in his areas of special interest as a skin cancer practitioner and Phleobologist (Vein Treatment).

Experienced in managing a wide variety of venous problems, Dr McMaster is able to thoroughly assess, advise on, and manage your leg vein issues using the latest non-surgical treatments.

With years of experience in managing skin cancer patients in Australia and New Zealand, Dr McMaster is available at the Murrumba Downs clinic for skin cancer checks and treatments.

Dr McMaster continues to offer general practice services at the Samford practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently General Practice consultations are only available at Samford. Skin and Vein Consultations and Treatments are available at all locations.

If there is a simple brief treatment required for skin or vein problems it may be undertaken on the same day as the Initial Consultation, but usually a return visit is required.